About Us

Summit Dogwear Logo With Metis Infiniti, the Shaka, Canadian Flag, and a Paw Print

What makes Summit Dogwear different?

Quality and Design:

With our routes in the climbing and outdoor industry (pun intended)

we spent the last decade using and abusing outdoor equipment.

 When it came time to find equipment for our pup (Summit)  we struggled to find product to withstand and suit our pup's rambunctious personality.


This inspired the first Summit dogwear product over 6 years ago. 

We still have the same collar, shockingly, it is still in great condition.

After it held up so well, we started to develop and perfect our product. After 2 years of design, we launched SDW. We continue to design, test, and push our products to stand up to the elements while making cool and unique designs to suit your outgoing pup!  

Our Mission:

We are partnered with PADS Charity to help train service dogs.

A generous portion of every purchase is donated to training pups. Summit first came to us after I experienced a workplace accident. He played a major role in my recovery and healing, and really taught me that it's not about what you can "say" to someone when they are going through something... in fact, you often can't say anything. 

That's the beauty of these amazing service animals.  They get it, and they are there for you. Always.

But what about finding and affording a pup... Heroes aren't cheap! 

That's what #SPREADINGPAWSITIVITY is all about.

Its about giving someone the incredible healing of a service animal. 

Read more on our #SPREADINGPAWSITIVITY tab. 


Hope for the best, Prepare for the Worst: 

From the fluke situation that has you wishing your dog was more visible,

to the adventure that unexpectedly turns into an emergency.

Our products may not need to be used in an emergency,

but if they do, you are already prepared.

Treat you like Family Policy:

If you ever have an issue with your Summit Dogwear product you can reach out to us and we will make it right. This policy also influenced our pricing. We give the very price we can, while still donating and keeping the lights on. No really though, we give the same price to our family! 


When you listen to music, you can often hear and respect the musician that plays with passion.

When you feel a SDW product, you can feel that it was designed with purpose and with passion.

When you reach out to us, you will find that we care, we listen, and we are grateful to be a part of this amazing dog-person community.

We are different because we do this out of our love for good dog gear, and redefining how we can bring you value when you go to replace your pups collar, leash, or... other products we are excited to release in the future.

We may be a little intense about this stuff... Because we should be! ​