Meet the Team


Braden Haley

With over a decade in the outdoor industry Braden has spent his formative years pursuing adventure via bike, board, and boulders. With time spent between the Rockies, and the West Coast, he fell in love with putting good gear to the test. 
When Summit came into his life, he patched the mental health holes left by a work place accident and was attached to Braden's side.

Attributing much of his recovery to the routine of working with Summit as his service dog, #Spreadingpawsitivity was initiative that he couldn't pass up.

Pairing his love for the outdoors and product design, with the desire to pass on this gift that keeps giving, Summit Dogwear quickly became one of Braden's key passions and driving forces. 


Hollie Haley

Always ready for the next adventure, Hollie lives to the fullest. Never letting herself be defined into one or two sports to passions.

From surfing, to doing yoga, to skateboarding, and traveling, Hollie always brings her positive flair with her.  

When Summit came into Hollies life she found a whole new world of her favourite activities, as most of them include her boy Summit. Bonded at the hip, you will likely find them exploring the beach at sunset and playing some good fetch, followed by a campfire on the beach and dinner over the fire. 

When Summit was still working Hollie was the closest person to both him and Braden. She saw the amazing benefits that he brought on the daily, from building healthy routines, to being the perfect distraction on tough days. 

With an eye for style and a mind for fashion, Hollie plays a major role in product development and design. This, paired with her natural experience in the outdoors on the sharp end of adventure gives Hollie her unique mind for designing Summit Dogwear products.